Hello! My name is Sam, I work at HelloFresh and am a proud member of the HelloFresh Diversity Committee and Power of Women Group.

Why am I talking to you directly?

I want you to know there’s a very real human writing this post to you, eager to share some exciting stories from HelloFresh women. But, as we celebrate what is possible for women, we recognise there is a long way to go in supporting gender diversity.

2020 was the year that disproportionately affected women in the workplace.

Women were disproportionately impacted by this pandemic; “women’s jobs are 1.8 times…

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Janus is Roman god of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, doorways, passages, and endings. Janus is the Roman god that looked to the future and to the past. This symbolic crossroads is where HelloTech and Motiv Solutions find themselves as new-found partners.

HelloFresh, the world’s leading meal kit provider, can attribute its technical capability as a major contributor to its growth and industry leadership. The engineering organisation, also known as HelloTech, believes firmly in contributing to the open source community. That is why in 2017, HelloFresh Platform team developed and open-sourced an API gateway to help support their code and microservice…

As described in our first post, HelloTech embarked on a journey to become a better engineering organisation by being data driven and honestly benchmarking ourselves against the industry standard. We decided the best way to do so was to track and report four key metrics, coined by Google and introduced in Accelerate: Time to Restore, Lead Time to Change, Deployment Frequency, and Change Failure Rate.

To be more data driven.

One of HelloTech’s core values is Data Drivenness. We exemplify this value everyday in our consumer product to make compelling business cases for major initiatives (new feature, design change, or market expansion), yet we were…


Having mastered Product Management in their end products and realised the benefit of improving the customer experience, more companies are shifting their attention to how they can apply the same techniques to the rest of their organisation.

In their latest Technology Radar, ThoughtWorks rated “Platform Product Management” among the most influential trends in the technology sector. As companies and their development teams grow, Platform engineering becomes more important in delivering new digital tools to support those teams; yet managing this delivery becomes more complex. …

Samantha Coffman

Building products that developers love at HelloFresh.

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